egyptian hieroglyph of neheh

A New Time with a new perspective.

Rod Nelson 

I am often asked how I get the information that I receive. The basic answer is that I can connect to a larger aspect of my consciousness. 

Most people walking on this earth have forgotten how to use their intuitive senses. Most limit themselves to their 5 physical senses. There is broad array of internal senses that every being has a ability to remember how to use. And once you start to exercise your capabilities you will be able to perceive this world from a new perspective.

I have spent a long time reading, attending seminars, listening to audio tapes, watching DVDs, creating rituals, participating in ceremonies, meditating, quieting my mind, studying with teachers , and stretching every nerve in  body to remember how to connect with the Truth. And I still do all the above activities.  I say "The Truth" but in reality it is only my perception of the Truth. What I receive and what I share is limited by my ability to interpret the messages, my biases, my beliefs, my emotions,  my cellular memory, and God knows what other misunderstandings I am not able to overcome at a given moment. My understanding and my interpretation will continue to evolve and that is part of the journey we are all on. I can only offer my best effort to provide you an opportunity to change yourself.

I continue to have the following experiences - connecting to my higher self, connecting higher consciousness,  telepathic communication with remote human beings, see/sense/feel subtle energy locally and remotely, merge with the earth grid/akashic record, merge with Source, communicate with non-physical beings, travel back in time, view potential/probable future, feel at one with the earth and everything on it, I am aware of individual, group, government , earth, universal, and galactic consciousness. I can perceive my current experience of reality from the inside out and the outside in.  I can merge with a collective consciousness and feel as one with this collective and at the same exact instant still sense my individuality. I can experience the collapse of time as we perceive it on earth. - I have just begun to explore the tip of the iceberg.

These moments are experienced within my head/body but they are as real to my mind as any 5 senses experience. Everyone has the ability to develop any or all the skills I mentioned above and I hope some you start the process. For me there were, and are, many challenges getting myself to an awakened state of being and staying there. I suspect that the process is very close to an infinite process of unfoldment.   

My Intent

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In this section I share with you my personal experiences that have shifted my perspective on this reality.

It is my hope, dream, prayer, and intent that everyone on this planet chooses to wake up from this perceived reality and trust your non-physical senses to guide you.

It is my intent to be the clearest conduit of information that I can be.