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A New Time with a new perspective.

How can you affect the Matrix?  

 From my perspective -

 When people say EVIL -  I see that there are two belief systems in that statement that are not congruent with MY perception of actuality.

 1) Thought is energy. You have free will as a spirit monad and as a human being. You have the ability for free (thought, desire, belief system and surrender)=magick. There is no authority. There is however a divine order (beings, laws, and forces) and if you are aligned by trust and oneness with this your focused consciousness you will manifest results. Permission for good or evil does not exist in my understanding. (trust and oneness later on)

 2) It is from an observer’s perspective, many in this case, that the world has an evil side. In a given battle/war the wining group sees their efforts as a victory and is positive. Again it’s a perspective. There is no judge/authority to say who has the most righteous perspective.

 Having said that – Boy – do I know how you feel about senseless violence and manipulated hierarchy.

 In a situation that involves a mass of beings that are in contention it is not a spontaneous materialization.  Their thoughts, energetic inertia, emotional desire, and creative intent have been building for 10s,100s, and even thousands of years. These are well orchestrated experiences for those spirits who choose to incarnate a fragment of their consciousness into this situation.  

 How could this possibly happen -

There is a universal matrix, solar system matrix, human thought matrix around this earth, a huge number of group consciousness thought/matrix, individual thought, and vast and varying degree of energetic matrices in between.   Within these matrices there are energetic thoughts which act together to create an experience.

 As an experiment of mind expansion - lets take an individual human being that has an emotional field and mental field (physical and spirit too but beyond this experiment). Within the mental field lays the belief systems like “I am a passenger of life on this planet.”  In the emotional field may lie something like “fear and anger”.  Now suppose that the stream of water flowing to this individual’s environment is suddenly diverted by another being upstream that is intending to build a pond for fish and agriculture.  This person feels taken advantage of and fears that he/she can support the family without this water. Our individual maintained two energetic vibrations within his embodiment that first of all attracted the energy of “mess with me because I am willing to experience anything” = passenger belief and “something bad will happen to me” = fear. Cool – now we have the anger energetic vibration to experience to make this person function as his/her whole self. I am sure you get this so far and can extrapolate this to a more complex being. But, let’s look how a simple interaction might play out and consider a few free will variations.

1)         The angry person confronts pond builder with strong emotional anger oozing – the pond builder has harmony, unity, Love, and balance. When they meet the energetic vibration of anger passes through the energetic fields of the pond builder with no affect and the situation could very well turn into a blessing for both.

2)         The angry person confronts a pond builder that holds the vibration energy pattern of a hierarchical belief system and also holds the fear energy. When the fear patterns match they trigger a chain of interconnected patterns within each individual and they will experience as a cycle of reactionary thoughts and emotions that they have created and maintained in their cellular memory as the past events and influences are relived instantly. 

 Do you see how incredible this concept is – if you understand this formula you can change your experiences. So like every human being on this planet you will be interacting with beings of every combination of belief system and emotions (unless you live in cave or temple). Every day on this planet will present an opportunity to master this formulation. What is a “master” a master is someone who creates the experiences they live, who can shift and align their energy fields and cellular memory, who is merged/blended with their higher consciousness and through that process experiences being at one with everything that exists. Some my say that feeling/experiencing “being at one” with something let alone everything is a pipe dream. It is my personal experience that this ‘experience’ is very real and when experienced will shift your belief systems so profoundly that your life will be altered for the entire evolutionary process. These concepts are not some finite hypothesis.  It is a proven experimental reality for those that wish to step, for me it was a jump that hurt for a bit, into the realm of infinite.

 Let me tell you from experience that facing your deepest fears, taking ownership for every thought in your head, constant balancing and evaluation of your energy fields, responsibility for everything that you experience,  constantly reviewing your beliefs, emotions, physical body, and connection to higher consciousness is an extremely difficult exercise.  And for those who say they have no fear I can tell you this from experience – no one that I have ever met that has taken this ride will say that the fear was not intense. I can also tell you that the entire fear is in your own physical mind and it does not exist outside of yourself.

 How can a simple interaction between to human beings create a global war? Most beings sense/pickup on predominate energetic patterns in their experience and physical space. The super highway for thought is on the human matrix and it is filled with individual thoughts as well as collective thoughts. An example of solidifying a human belief system in the human matrix was the thought that the earth was flat. If you are curious and research you will see how over history science has anchored beliefs so strongly that most everyone accepted them as reality.

 In our simple example the angry 3 eyed pond builder developed a thought that all the 3 eared people that lived down the stream were less evolved because they did not see the world the same way the 3 eyed people did. Soon the 3 eyed pond builder shared his story with other 3 eyed people and soon all the 3 eyed people that shared the energetic vibration of fear and hierarchy also believed that the 3 eared people were different/separate/less privileged and it became so prevalent that 3 year old 3 eyed beings were infused with this pattern by their experience and physical space.  I will not belabor the story as I am sure you can see where this is heading. The 3 eyed beings became blind to pattern and accepted it as a fact of reality.  

 How can you help? Do what the first pond builder did. Talk, share, and start to anchor the thoughts of oneness, inclusion, acceptance, peace, harmony,… into the human matrix.  Learn how manage your thoughts and interaction to manifest a connect to your higher consciousness and develop a skill to focus your aligned intent thoughts in the human matrix with profound impact.

 If you can experience, that you are a spirit consciousness and that you have many concurrent incarnations, you then can start to believe that you can transcend the control mechanism, the belief systems, the hierarchy, the evil, and the lunacy of your earth bound vibrational perspective and realize that you,  today – this very minute, can decide to drop the human matrix belief systems and create your own.  

 Please - make an attempt to feel/sense the difference between a human matrix thought/concept and your spirit consciousness knowingness. What is the news, what is history, what were the headlines of yesterday …. They  are physical manifestations of  other peoples slowly evolving unfoldment of thought.  Do you want to consider the reality of others thoughts or do you want to create your own reality?

 There is a extremely simple answer why others are sharing knowledge with the masses (OK, limited groups). It is time for you to reconnect with your true self and help respin the energy here and move it forward.  The earth is done, the physical universe is done,  we are done with this vibrational state of experience. It was a grand experiment and unique opportunity and it is time to raise the vibrational state of this universe and all the living consciousness that we created. It is not just about humans, or even ETs, or even non-physical beings, it is about all the entities of consciousness that we created in this universe. We spun-off images of our own consciousness to create this universe and we need to reintegrate this energy back to own true beings. We need to gather up all our thoughts/creations/energies and create a new experience. I want to build a new universe. I am bored and tired of this experience are you? There will be some energies/consciousness that will attempt to hang onto this experience; after all you gave these human moands free-will, yes – you did this, we/you created Hilter and all the other ‘evil’ entities. They are not real, our reality is not ‘REAL’. It is all just an expression of our spirit consciousness intent to experience free-will at a slower vibration.    

 As a very close friend and guru would say – “WHAT DO YOU FEEL RIGHT NOW”.  Close your eyes, nose, ears, touch, and connect with this energy. – rod-11/06

Downloaded Info

This is a blog - it is not edited, sanitized, spellchecked, reviewed or processed. I simply  sat down and typed it - done. 

As my process of unfoldment continues I am constantly becoming more aware and gaining a deeper understanding.

As with all authors the messages that I wrote were based on my perception at the time of the writing. Send me an email if you find something unclear as I am sure you are not the only one that I have confused :)