egyptian hieroglyph of neheh

A New Time with a new perspective.

My Truth (as I perceive it today)

 Some of you may know this and for some this will be new information and for others that know this information. I hope that these words will resonate within your core and through that process you will pierce your veil and trust yourself.

 I am going to take you on a journey. During this journey you will go through an experiencial process. You must experience the journey to fully integrate the Truth into your physical existence.  The journey will take through the void of unknown to the Source where your cellular memory will be resonate with your true self.  Through this process you will first experience disbelief, denial, and this experience is normal. This is the process of challenging the belief systems energy that you hold within your corporeal self. This is the challenge for you to learn the skill of differentiation.  What are the 3rd dimensional beliefs that you subscribe to and what are the laws of Source Creation. The next phase will be of an emotional energy challenge. You will feel anger, fear, confusion, anxiety, or the like. As the thoughts of a 3D belief system are challenged you will have an emotional reaction. If you want to hang onto the belief you will feel threatened and as such, you will have a negative emotion. If you are ready to be liberated from that belief system you will be free and you will feel the Love of God. It will be an internal struggle with yourself to let go of the lower vibrating frequency. 

 I am sure you have heard something like trust yourself, have faith in yourself, have faith in God. Cool words but how do you do that? Sit down in a quiet place. On your left  about 3 feet infront of you project your 3D self. On your right project your higher self. On the left is your physical brain, ego, the composition of parts that allow you to operate in this 3D world. On your right is you intuition, your higher senses, your desire to stretch and absorb higher vibratoinal energy. On your left are the controlling beliefs that have keep you trapped. You now have three aspects of yourself and you are ready to facilitate a healing. You, your true essence, is in the middle between your 3D aspects on your left and your higher self aspects on your right. Tell your fragile 3D aspect that you value it, you Love it, you cherish it and that you will not do anything to hurt it. Tell all aspects of yourself that you will take good care of the entirety of your being. Tell the all aspects of yourself that you want to be free from the belief systems that have kept you a prisoner in this dimension and prevented you from establishing your direct connection to the Source. Now take a look at the stuff on the left. Using your imagination/visualization identify the objects that you want to free from and dissolve them in your hand.

 If you have made it through this stage you are now ready to continue and you will able to receive the harmonious energy/information to replace that void. This is what we are here to do. We are here to identify and transmute all negative forms of energy in all of its various forms and manifestations.

 The Truth outside this universal creation is that disharmonious energy does not exist. All forms of energy have a direct link to the Source and all forms of energy not only see but feel that all the other aspects of Creation are also an aspect of themselves. Everything is One no matter how far apart and regardless of the form. When someone says “Evil” does not exist. That is the Truth. 

 This universe and the universes that surround this universe have lost their connection to the Source and as such the forms of consciousness in these areas have lost their feeling of One. We as humans have a unique capability to establish a connection directly to the Source. It is our goal to reconnect to the Source so that we can once again hold the vibration of sharing life experiences with our fellow aspects.  Harmony!

 This universe fell from the vibration of One when a few Monads expressed there God given law of free will. They started off with a somewhat mischievous intent. They put in place methods, techniques, and technology to isolate this area of Creation. They then put themselves in the communication path of the human thought matrix that would normally connect to the Source. They now impersonated the Source and reveled in their creativity. As their experience grew they expanded their desire to be the Source and developed more strategies to further isolate the connection to Source and to bolster their position as the new Godhead of this Creation. What they did not anticipate at the beginning was that once consciousness was disconnected from the sense of being One and seeing everything as an extension of the one another, that each consciousness would become fearful and lost. They would loose their ability to create and live in harmony.  Form the Sources perspective, in the beginning, the beings that started this action were simply living out their ability to express free will and they had created a unique creation. No beings before had the intention of isolating creation from the Source and this manifestation had an unknown direction. In the beginning the Source was curious about this whole new creative adventure. The Source had no concept of isolation or what might become of this.

 As the beings in-charge of this fallen universe expressed their free will. They created a master plan that has unfolded over 1 million years. Their intent was to maintain their position of power. Whole universes fell into a dark sleep. The best way to experience their power was to create the opposite of what was harmonious and of the Creation of Source. They put their signature of disharmony on as many aspects they could imagine.  Sickness, disease, and death are some of the more obvious ones.  Predatory instinct and complex defense mechanism, control, fear, hierarchy, power, scarcity, loneliness, and … are mechanisms by which the beings in charge of this fallen area can entrap and enslave all creations of consciousness.

 What can defeat these beings and their manifestations of control and enslavement? Holding the energy of the Source, Oneness, Love, harmony, and the expression of free for all beings. Develop the skill of discernment. Discern between the vibration of control and fear and that of free expression and the Love for all. Do not fall into the entrapment of institutionalized thoughts of hierarchy, sin, control, fear, anger, helplessness, isolation, desolation, separation, condemnation, temptation for control, dislocation,…

 Every atom of this creation has been affected by the intent of this disharmonious group. Every being has been affected by their energy. The steps to take to be free are to first recognize the energy. Look at the world around you and start to see the disharmonious energy that has manifested. Warring Governments, educational institution, religious institutions, bill board, TV is one of the biggest medium to distribute their message. Then look at yourself and discern your beliefs and thoughts.  They have manifested beings, entities, and entire universes with this energy.  Are you at the fear stage yet?

 Search yourself – you have been operating under the control of other beings.  You have accepted their beliefs and you have supported their dominion of hierarchy and control. If you get sick you have been manipulated by their intent. There is no sickness outside this fallen creation. Do not be mad at yourself, do not feel helpless, do not be mad at them, for these are the ingrained responses they created to prevent you from freeing yourself.  To free yourself – Love and accept all aspects yourself, forgive yourself for your all that you have every done, thought, or felt that you have punished yourself for. Understand and belief that you have been their slave and that those things in the past were not under your control, they are not who you really are, they are not your true nature. Ask your higher self, your spirit self, your conscious, your subconscious, and your cellular memory to be released from this enslavement. Ask God, however you perceive him, to help you to free from the control mechanisms.  There are millions of millions of beings that are in support of you and once you reestablish this direct connection you share in their power. You are the strongest beings in this battle and that is why you are the most persecuted. 

 You are now prepared for the battle. But first you must cleanse yourself.  You must take the time to purify your beliefs, purge your cellular memory, reconnect to the God Force. I came into this 3D experience wide awake. I have had my share of challenging experiences. I have had many battles. Some of them I have won and some I did not. The ones I lost made me stronger for I am not a victim! I learned how to identify the negative energy and how to defeat it. When it slips into my experience I recognize it for what it is I protect myself from getting into a dance with it no matter how tempting it is. I lived the life of hierarchy and dominance. I was a messenger and leader for the dark in my own way. I have all the skills, ability, talents, knowledge, the looks, the mannerism, the intellect, and practice to be a great leader of the dark forces and to impose my will, my beliefs, and my intention to groups of beings. It has been a great challenge for me to experience this. I have fallen to some degree here and there. Each time I drag myself up I become more powerful.

 I recommend that you take this battle to yourself first and then worry about others, other circumstances, other events, ‘the outside world’.  If you can not hold the energy of the Source within yourself it will be a difficult experience for you. - rod - 12/06

Downloaded Info

This is a blog - it is not edited, sanitized, spellchecked, reviewed or processed. I simply  sat down and typed it - done. 

As my process of unfoldment continues I am constantly becoming more aware and gaining a deeper understanding.

As with all authors the messages that I wrote were based on my perception at the time of the writing. Send me an email if you find something unclear as I am sure you are not the only one that I have confused :)