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A New Time with a new perspective.


Self esteem / self worth -  We all have this hurdle to overcome. It is one of the last hurdles to tackle. It stems from - What do I think about myself? If I Love myself for who I am and what I created for an experience then the comments of others have little emotional impact. If I am in self doubt, not able to accept myself for how I have created myself and my experiences then I am in a more vulnerable position.

 If you are not able to Love every particle of yourself and allow that vibration to carry to every cell in your body it will more difficult to hold that energy of Love during any part of your life experience. It starts within and the universe will respond by mirroring your Love for yourself.

 So maybe you are down in the dumps. Maybe your life is not what you expected, it is not you, you are ashamed of yourself for a thought or a deed. That was you yesterday. Today decide to Love yourself and forgive yourself for anything that YOU think you deserve punishment for. Yes, punishment - I do not deserve ..., i made the wrong choice, I am not smart, I do not have this or that, if I just had ...., life is hard, work is hard, I hate my job, I am lonely.... You are creating hell on earth for yourself by harboring these thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. Stop IT!

 If you could see yourself from the perspective of your full consciousness you would laugh your ass off, and you will, when you look back at the silly things you beat yourself up for. You should be responsible with the intent of your actions and the best you can do is to try your best with the understand you maintain at that moment. Live in the now. Forgive yourself for the past and allow yourself to be free in the future.

 More Magick – The intent of this experience is to develop a mental focus on your physical body and using this method to alter your physical being. Do you believe that your brain is smart or dumb, that you are attractive or not, healthy or sick, that education has anything whatsoever to do with ability to hold the Truth? Do you believe that your physical body is a predestined organic machine or that your DNA is immutable? I ask these questions for you to search your own belief systems. If you have a belief that you hang onto that is contradictory with the intent of your Magick then the Magick will not work. There is a bit of trick to search yourself for a contradictory belief but with practice it will become easier. If you need help to shift a belief try something like google. The universe will present the information that you need once you start to look for it. You need to make the effort. 

 Prepare for a meditative state experience, create a scared space, imagine pulling streams of golden white light of creator energy from the Central Suns ( you know where this is subconsciously), anchor this energy to the earth core and back to the Central Suns, you are wrapped in this energy, bring your awareness to the center of your physical body, imagine a golden double helix that represents your DNA, as your focus on this DNA strand tell yourself that as you visualize this that you are connecting to all you DNA in all the cells of you body, your DNA is a link between spirit and physicality, stretch your every nerve to connect with each cell in your body, your spirit self and your DNA are one – your physical self and your DNA are one, your physical body and your spirit body are one, allow the golden white energy to follow through every cell and every particle of matter in your physical body, ever particle is vibrating with the frequency of divine Love, your energized DNA is balancing all aspects of your physical body, the cells are healthy, the chemical balances of your entire body are adjusted to create a healthy and harmonious existence, you tell yourself that as your cells divide each new cell will carry this frequency and you ask to shed the cells that are not aligned with this energy, your cells are vibrating at such a high frequency that the lower frequency of sickness and disease are not able to affect any aspect of your physical being. Tell your DNA to maintain this frequency from this day forward, and tell it to create body of happiness, health, and Love.


So how does this relate to the feelings of sadness and fear that you experience when your thoughts, actions, or beliefs are challenged.  After 20 minutes of pondering and rewriting this sentence the shortest answer I could write is that “each of us are an aspect of the same source consciousness. we are here to master this human condition, and each of us is trying our best to overcome the vibrational influence of this existence, and each of us trying our best to help each other,  when we come the this realization we can accept the impact of others as a blessing. It is my intent to help anyone become at one with themselves and to develop a trust and love for oneself.


You have free will – imagine what you could do once you are in command of your DNA. - rod 11/06



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This is a blog - it is not edited, sanitized, spellchecked, reviewed or processed. I simply  sat down and typed it - done. 

As my process of unfoldment continues I am constantly becoming more aware and gaining a deeper understanding.

As with all authors the messages that I wrote were based on my perception at the time of the writing. Send me an email if you find something unclear as I am sure you are not the only one that I have confused :)