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A New Time with a new perspective.

My perception of how to describe soul, higher self, intuitive self, greater self, self with out ego,…

 The first thing I would ask – What is a Soul? The word Soul is a human term and in my perception falls short in the ability to identify an energy pattern. Everything is energy and a physical object can not exist unless it is held together by consciousness.

 There is a single consciousness "The Source". Consciousness is energy and vise-versa. The Source wanted to experience what it would be like to exist outside of itself. The Source created spirit monads and gave them free-will to exist, create, think,... If each spirit monad had the complete consciousness of the Source then it would not be as interesting/playful since they/we would not as unique. As this process unfolded more and more spirit monads were created with unique and varying magnitude of the Source energy/vibration/consciousness.

 Earth is one sandbox for our spirit monads to go and experience stuff.  And just like the process that the Source does to create more monads we as individual monads create a very small subset of our own individual consciousness and put it into a human body. Each spirit monad can have many concurrent incarnations in a wide array of dimensions, physical and non-physical existences.  A spirit monad can have a human monad experience a charmed life in U.S. and at the exact same time experience the incarnation of a struggling human existence in a poverty stricken country.  A spirit monad bestows its human monad consciousness with free-will and to express that free-will of existence we incarnate within the agreement to forget what and who we really are. There are more likely scenarios but the fact is that the possibilities are limitless. There are many newer spirit monads that are at the start of their evolutionary experience and there are other spirit monads that hold a huge amount of Source consciousness. Regardless of the starting point within the evolutionary process our desire is to develop our consciousness through experiences to a level where we are merged and blended with the Source. Our experiences contribute to the overall experience of the Source consciousness.

 The consciousness of a rock, a tree, a dog, a dolphin, a human, a planet, a spirit monad all exist in the consciousness of the Source. Each holds a varying degree of the Source consciousness. Each human has a varying degree of connectedness to their source monad’s spirit consciousness and each spirit monad has a varying degree of connectedness to the Source. I see connectedness as remembrance, ability to merge with higher consciousness, ability to experience existence from the higher consciousness perspective. Every consciousness has free-will to raise their vibratory state and connect with a larger consciousness and they have free-will to ignore this ability and exist in vibratory state of the sandbox.

 With this perspective – what is a human birth, what is a human death, what is a life of abundance, what is a life of struggle? Everything is an extension of free-will and our ability to create our own unique reality. 

 I write this from direct experience. I can merge with my larger spirit consciousness; I can merge with the Source; I can merge with other’s spirit consciousness; I can experience my other incarnation (to a limited degree); I see the consciousness in a tree and a planet. Through these experiences and from a vantage point of spirit I can create my reality and at the same time acknowledge others seemingly evil acts as simply a play where a bunch of human monad actors agreed to play their individual roles.

  Meditate to quiet your physical mind, ask yourself to remember who and what you are, trust your inspirations, trust your larger consciousness to direct your experiences, ask to merge with your larger consciousness, start to play with the concept that you are in complete control of  the experiences you create for yourself in this sandbox.  Start to shift your perspective to your higher consciousness. A perspective of happiness, joy, abundance, and limitless free-will. Start to identify the belief systems and emotions that you inherited from common human mind matrix, the belief and emotions that you accepted from your parents, teachers, leaders and the ones that you created yourself.  To move forward in your ability to become more aware and expand your ability to hold more of your larger consciousness here on this plane you need to cleanse your thoughts, emotions, physical body, and the impressionable inputs you allow into your experience. – rod 10/06


Downloaded Info

This is a blog - it is not edited, sanitized, spellchecked, reviewed or processed. I simply  sat down and typed it - done. 

As my process of unfoldment continues I am constantly becoming more aware and gaining a deeper understanding.

As with all authors the messages that I wrote were based on my perception at the time of the writing. Send me an email if you find something unclear as I am sure you are not the only one that I have confused :)