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A New Time with a new perspective.

My organized religion experiences as a youth.

 My name is Rod Nelson.  This article is a summary of my youth religious experiences, how I viewed it then, how I view it now. What were the commonalities in the religions that I studied? What resonated within me and what felt uncomfortable?

 Let me clearly state – I believe that every religion on this planet has an extremely valuable and Truthful message to share. I also perceive control, corrupt and manipulation messages. With a few exceptions - Everyone on this planet truly wants to find and create harmony for themselves and their children. Just because someone was indoctrinated into a dogmatic religion that differs from your beliefs does not mean they are different from you. Each religious group has ceremonies, rituals, songs, events, and a history that may feel foreign to you. They are simply on a different path but the goal is the same.

 My current belief systems are based on my own personal experiences, my own knowingness, and I do not seek the Truth from any other source but instead I look inward. I do read others material, attend seminars, work with teachers, practice rituals and ceremonies.  I use these tools to ‘remember’ my own Truth and other teachings help to spark my internal guidance system. Some things I hear touch me so deeply that I cry and some information feels yucky. I accept the things that make me feel connected and I allow the other information to pass right by me with no affect.

 My intent is to provide solid concepts of our true nature that are congruent with the climate of the world at this time. I am sending this to you with the hope that you will understand what I am trying to present and that you could help me facilitate some discussions within your own community. A new belief system is needed for the world as it moves forward.

 Like any well designed promotional article I will first start by identifying myself. I grew-up as Christian Scientist. I became a member of the Mother Church in the early 70s.  As a youth I went to AU summer camp, attended Principia, and held leadership roles in church youth programs. There are many youth, teen, and adolescent stories that I would like to share but I would like to focus on the objective of this letter.

 Having grow-up in and with CS as a big part of life I was intimate with the Truth that was described in the Bible and Key the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.  But for me, there was a growing disconnect with the Church teachings. I knew I was spirit. I knew that this physical plane was a dreamscape. But the CS explanations about, purpose, Life, Truth, Love, and God that I was getting for 20 years were not enough for me.

 The bible was written a very long time ago and from my personal experience at an early age I realized that it is nearly impossible to get an accurate account of any event, action, re-action, of even first hand experience even if it happened with in the last hour. Often the account is filtered by the observer. The observer almost always has a belief system, bias, judgment, misunderstanding, or possibly limited background information that filters the truth of account. It’s is also my observation that writers, lectures, teachers, leaders, and healers use convention. They use conventions for their words, concepts, topics, descriptions, and other methods of communication that are socially acceptable for that time and space.  What I am suggesting is that the times have changed and that the messages could be updated. The thoughts that MBE presented to me each week as I read my lesson made the Bible much more understandable. But still it was not enough. I could heal myself but that was not enough. I was an outsider in a world of materialism and materialist had nice houses and cool cars and did not give a damn about whether they were spirit or flesh. They, from an outside appearance, looked like they had life figured out.

 I lost faith in God. Around the age of 28 I started meditating seriously and that opened up a huge opportunity for discovery. What most religions present is prayer. That is talking. What most religions do not teach is listening – meditation. CS failed me in teaching how to listen. What I now realize is that I lost faith in the God that was presented to me and what I wanted was a direct experience with God. What is not taught is that every thought is a prayer. So basic prayer is effortless and needs no instruction. What is not taught is how to hear effortlessly.

 I want to take you on a bit of a journey. For all but the most adventurous, you will pass through three phases/stages during this journey. The first thing you will feel is denial, disbelief, or uncertainty. You will not believe the input and you will rationalize, hypothesize, or flat out turn off. If you make it through the first phase you will enter the fear phase. As you grapple with the concepts that erode your foundation of reality you will inevitability feel fearful.  It is at this stage when people burn witches, launch wars, or crucify. If you are fortunate enough to have made it past phase one and two you are at the point were you begin to feel the Truth within the paragraphs, pictures, or words. Once you have made this journey you will have a more solid foundation to evaluate your own Truth.

 Each person has their own internal Truth detector. As you read, hear, or sense something take a second to analyze how you feel deep inside. If you feel empowered, happy, Love then put that input into the “Truth” category, if you feel helpless, scared, fear… that it is not right for you at this time then put it in the “Not helpful” bin, if you feel confused, ambivalent then put it into the “not sure” bin.

 The following is my current interpretation of my personal experiences. These are my beliefs based on my personal experience.

So let’s start off with some of the questions that I was not able to get deep enough answers to. I am spirit – so what does that mean? And how does that change how I walk down the street. I always felt that I was a spirit being in a physical body but that understanding did not help me pay the bills.  I knew as early as I can remember, age 3, that there was more to this world then my physical senses could gather. I could sense other non-visible beings since I could remember. Some comforted me and some scared me. I learned how to ignore that input. At age 15 I started to see a holistic counselor. He believed in intuition, telepathy, and all the other unseen stuff that I could pick-up on. Helpful but no real progress even after years. I have many stories but will cut to the point since I have several concepts to present.

 As I mentioned I began practicing meditation, expanding my awareness, and unfolding my consciousness. I expanded my awareness to be more sensitivity to the vibration of energy.  I expanded my consciousness to understand what the energy was and to get something useful from the experience. At the age of 41 I experienced a life changing event. I experienced segments of my life relived in my head like a film strip. With the experience I felt that I understood how all these random piece of my life fit together. It did not matter if got my heart broken or fell in love. Everything was perfect and harmonious. As this was happening I ‘felt’ what it would be like to live your life from a higher perspective.  I had merged with my spirit consciousness and I could observe my life from that consciousness. Since then my ability to merge with my higher consciousness has increased dramatically.

 The next question – What is God. Based on my CS education I did not think God was a person, place, or thing. Yet, I was urged to understand God completely not just by text or words.  I had always sensed my spirit guides even if I did not know what or who they were. As I expanded my awareness and consciousness I was constantly being given ideas, thoughts, and concepts. As I started to pursue these topics of interest a story started to build for me. I was not alone; there were a multitude of beings that I could not see. I was taught how to merge my consciousness with layers of consciousness that vibrated higher and higher.  I was now able to merge with the Source. I experienced a merged consciousness where I was an individual consciousness and at the exact same time I was fully aware of other consciousness and also I was aware of being merged with the Source consciousness.  It is my perception that this is what is referred to by many as God.

 God is within! We are of God. God knows every detail. We are constantly in communication with our higher consciousness. We are in constant communication with God. It’s just most people do not know how to access this experience. I can not stress enough that this is not a dream, visualization, or other illusion.  This is a real experience that anyone can live.

 Why are we here? The simple and short answer is we are here to experience how our thoughts create reality at the slowest vibration of spirit manifestation.  Good/Evil; right/wrong; … do not exist in spirit. We as spirit monads creating universes to experiment with our experiences. As each monad experiences free will, that experience is shared with the Source consciousness and through this process the Source is able to experience varying degrees of detail.  

 As with any of these topics I have way more detail but my intent is to help CS move forward.  I could write and write but at this point I hope that I have peeked your interest enough to pursue further discussions.

 It is not my intent to attach any religion in any way shape or form. I have no interest in Church other than to share my experiences with others so they can pursue their own path. It is my perception that Jesus, Abraham, Buddha, and all the other masters and avatars that walk this earth were humans just like you and I. They discovered how to merge with their Source consciousness. They learned how to expand their consciousness and from that place a human can effortlessly raise the died, heal the sick, and cast out demons.

 As 2012 approaches we will see many people “wake up” and come to realize the Truth that has been ever present. While CS was leading edge for it’s time it is my personal opinion that it lacks some of the detail that the world is ready to accept. Have you seen “What the Bleep” or “The Secret”? These concepts are exactly what CS is all about.  So why are there millions of DVD copies sold but very few acknowledge CS? 

 If MBE stated your incarnate body is made of vibrational energy which contains your physical, etheric, emotional, mental, and spirit layers people would not have understood what she was talking about. If she told the world the difference between a being and an entity people would have gone into fear mode.  If she told in great detail what demons, sin, and disease were people of that time would not have been able to grasp it. If she taught the details of magick healing it may have been misused. Times have changed and the world is ready for more details.

 It is my impression that most religions treat the founding doctrines as the Truth and twist and distort it to meet the goal messages of the clergy, or it is interpreted so strictly that it can not grow with new understandings. There are new tools and concepts that we have discovered in the last 10 years and it would be a shame not to use the new discoveries to better refine and define our understanding.  I hope this task will be far easier than trying to teach that the world is not flat. – rod -




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This is a blog - it is not edited, sanitized, spellchecked, reviewed or processed. I simply  sat down and typed it - done. 

As my process of unfoldment continues I am constantly becoming more aware and gaining a deeper understanding.

As with all authors the messages that I wrote were based on my perception at the time of the writing. Send me an email if you find something unclear as I am sure you are not the only one that I have confused :)