egyptian hieroglyph of neheh

A New Time with a new perspective.

Recommended Readings
Updated 02/07 - Random Order
  1. Modern magick - Kraig
  2. The tree of life - Israel Regardie
  3. Gods among us - Caroline Cory
  4. The book of life - Michael Sharp
  5. The visible and invisible worlds of God - Caroline Cory
  6. The four agreements - Don Miguel Ruiz
  7. The ancient secret of the flower of life - Drunvalo Melchizedek
  8. The dossier of ascension - Michael Sharp
  9. Something in this book is true - Bob Frissell
  10. Welcome home - Steve Rother & the group
  11. The emerging dreamhealer - Adam

Helpful Hints

Please keep in mind that the purest of information will ALWAYS come from inside yourself. You are have a direct connection to all that is.

Often the highest level of Truth will be surrounded by biased embellishments. Develop a sense of discernment for yourself.

The Truth will generate a feeling, a sense, an inspiration, within you.

Listen to your heart.