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God Amoung Us - Caroline Cory
GOD Among Us explains the process by which divine beings - those we call Sons of God or Ascended Masters - awaken to their divinity while in the flesh. Through her own “initiation” experience and her ability to communicate with Source Energy, author Caroline Cory accesses the mind of these extraordinary beings and reveals, in intimate detail, their internal turmoil as they gradually remember their pre-natal agreement and earthly mission. The author describes such topics as The process of discerning and mastering the divine mind The process of merging with the Divine Creator and our Spirit Family The universal organization and Earth’s place within the cosmic order The structure of all intelligent beings (visible and invisible) involved in the divine plan unfolding of this Earth now GOD Among Us also offers practical tools that will empower you to master the human condition and realize your ultimate potential and divinity in physical form

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The Visable and Invisible Worlds of GOD
The Visible and Invisible Worlds of GOD is based on the principle that all existence is Energy which manifests in infinite forms. It provides a clear roadmap of the unseen worlds while enhancing your perspective of spiritual oneness with the Universe. Spiritual teacher, healer and author Caroline Cory uses her unique ability of communicating with Source Energy to discuss and explain such topics as The inherent energetic nature of humans which enables them to interact spontaneously with invisible beings and realities. The process by which various types of beings enter our physical system and appear in human form. The function and nature of the “Cosmic Mind”, the divine mind-energy that shapes and ministers to the human mind. The process of remembering our pre-natal contract and attaining self-realization. The significant shifts in our societal, governmental and religious structures and the complete transmutation of the human physical and mental characteristics. The Visible and Invisible Worlds of GOD is a powerful new revelation about the beings and energies that irrevocably shape human destiny and potential. More importantly, it teaches the ultimate ascension plan and blending process with the Creator-Source.

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