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NEHEH - Is a aspect of time as perceived by the ancient Egyptians. There are two aspects that they understood and utilized. Neheh and Djet. Neheh refers to the cyclical aspect of time that we as people of earth perceive. Djet is an aspect of time that exists outside our physical experience of reality. A balanced perspective of both aspects can be helpful in achieving a balance in all experiences of life.

This site was created with the intent to share a remembrance of who and what we are.  There is nothing that you need to learn to feel complete and whole. You simply need help to remember who you are, why you are here, and how to trust yourself. Hopefully this site will spark something within you.  

The ideas and concepts presented here are not new. This is a site that has collected the messages of various authors over thousands of years. The messages come in the form of music, words, symbols, and varied artwork.

Time is folding

I think most people sense that the hours of the day seem to be  passing quicker.

The Mayan calendar predicted that space/time changes in 2012.

As the space between the past, present, and future becomes less dense your ability to remember your true nature and why you are here will become more evident.

The realignment of the energetic grids will allow us to experience our most profound quantum theories.

How did the prophets, sages, and visionaries in our history attain enlightenment, awakening, a connection to their higher self?